About Project Minnie

Project Minnie was inspired by three special individuals. Minnie                                                                                              First, my cat Minnie, the love of my life and the sweetest soul you’d ever meet. To know her was to love her. The other two are Clutch and Feather, who were homeless. Clutch was standing on the side of the road with a sign asking for money. His beloved Feather was by his side. I stopped to talk to Clutch and give him a few dollars. He explained that the money wasn’t for him, it was for his dog, Feather. Although he had no home and slept in a tent, he said he didn’t need anything because he had food stamps. But, food stamps can not be used for dog food, so he needed the money to buy food for Feather. Clutch and Feather only had each other in the world and asked for so little. It made me realize that pet parents struggle to provide nutritious food to their furry companions. By providing reusable and collapsible bowls, we give homeless dogs and cats a place besides the ground to eat on and by giving them nutritious food, we hope to help keep them healthy.