Lucy, The Boss

LucyLucy is a globe-trotter who has lived in Texas, Ohio, California and Germany. Before she got adopted, she was a blood donor at a vet hospital, saving countless lives. Now she spends her days bossing her sister around, performing QA on our dog and cat food and chasing sunbeams. She has half a tongue and makes a bigger mess than a Saint Bernard. She likes tuna fish, boxes, sleeping on a pile of pillows and hallways.




Clara, Vice President of Security

clara Clara was rescued by Leave No Paws Behind in 2013 after a lifetime of neglect. She now oversees all security at Project Minnie and enjoys the good life. She doesn’t venture out on the boardwalk, but prefers to monitor situations from her couch at world headquarters. She likes anything edible, naps, attention, the vet, car rides and pink.




Amanda Skerski, Founder

amandaAmanda founded Project Minnie in 2012 and hopes to someday expand its services to include veterinary care and an adoption program. She gets to pack the supplies and feed dogs and people every week. She cares deeply about animals and also likes naps, attention and pink. In her free time she is The Boss and the Vice President of Security’s housekeeper.




Mary Ann La Russa, Board Member

mary ann la russa 2Mary Ann joined the board in 2014. She has a guinea pig named Princess Piggy Poo and a thriving marketing business. In addition to wanting to help animals enjoy better lives, she likes steep hikes, blowouts and the Florida Gators–not necessarily in that order.




Hasalyn Modine, Board Member

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 3.48.01 PMHasalyn joined the board in 2014. She has a young son, two cats (Bebe and Mumu) and a growing flock of chickens. She is a talented writer, producer, camerawoman and editor. She loves nature, popsicles and spending time with her family.